Global Diversity

We believe a diverse and inclusive life makes us, and society, stronger. It reinforces our positive social impact, while helping us attract and retain talented people and engage the people who use our products all around the world.

We are proud to be the only professional-natural-sustainable Brand that is gender-neutral, kids friendly and pregnancy-friendly.

T-LAB Professional has true Cosmopolitan Origin and has been created by International Team of professional and creative minds of VT Academy’s top stylists, technicians and designers from five countries of the world under the umbrella of VT Research and Development in London.

Cosmopolitan Origin


We believe in transparency of supply chain for the best choice of our customers who would like to know what exactly they are using and where it comes from.

In our in-house LAB we choose best sustainable and fair-trade ingredients from Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, India, Australia, Bali, Morocco and Philippines. All T-LAB Professional products are only packaged in responsibly sourced and produced materials.

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Inclusive Products

Diversity is also vital to design inclusive
products that work for everyone in its own
unique way.

Using our professional academic
experience and own in-house green LAB
scientific knowledge, as we have
managed to create products that
arevegan, unisex, multiracial and
suitable for all ages. Our aim was to
create something different in the clean
beauty industry that wasn’t just all

T-LAB Professional Inclusive Products
Flower Infusion Drops

Personal Beauty Composition

More personalized way to enjoy short-
and long-term benefits of the Unique
Natural Complex is by reaching for our
new Flower Infusion Drops that are
specially formulated with floral extracts.
We offer our consumers to take control
over the products they use and customize
‘right for them’ solutions.

Mix & Match T-LAB Professional products
to create the best Personal Beauty
Composition (PBC) by mixing Flower
Infusion Drops of the chosen healing
flower favorite PBC. Coming soon.

Global Presence

Being a part of Family owned and operated
business, Brand has been moving fast,
respecting national diversity around the
Globe, and currently present at all the Continents.

The Global Presence enables us to feel gather
valuable feedback in order to create customized
new products for Professional Customers around
the world.

Global Presence
International Bioscientists

International Bioscientists

We support talented bio-scientists from all
around the world, providing them with
professional growth opportunities. We
enrich our formulations with joint multicultural
professional experience to create even more
diverse products. This is the beauty that is
universal and accessible to all.

Diverse Talents

We’re a diverse cosmopolitan company and are determined to build a strongly inclusive culture which respects every human being for who they are – regardless of gender, age, race, disability or live-with-choice.

To ensure that our products serve the needs of all shades of beauty worldwide, we have gathered team members which are truly cosmopolitan and diverse, but sharing same vision and philosophy for beauty, health and lifestyle.

T-LAB Professional is committed to exemplary social responsibility. This commitment is based on the fundamental principle of respect for people, and on making excellence a lever for social and professional inclusion.