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    Total Protect

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    Coco Therapy

    Sapphire Energy

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    Royal Detox


    Today’s consumer and their diverse lifestyles has inspired us to create organic hair care products that correspond to unique needs of our customer. T-LAB Professional In-house lab has developed organic hair products to be universal for all different hair textures and skin types offering more inclusive solutions respecting the diversity of our beauty consumer worldwide. Whatever your skincare or lifestyle need is, T-LAB Professional best organic hair products has it covered.

    We invite you to explore collections of organic hair care products and find hair care formula that works personally for you. T-LAB Professional products are created to be mixed and matched among different collections to create unique hair care routine that cares for multicultural hair types and needs.

    All products in Organic Care Collection are designed with a power of UNIQUE NATURAL COMPLEX (UNC). It is a symphony of natural perfection – based on exclusive active ingredients as Organic Flower Extracts, Organic Nutritional Oils and Precious Mineral Powders combined with unique Purified Underground Water. All formulations of organic hair products are unique and diverse just the way you and your hair are.

    Blond Ambition Collection for blonde hair enhancing and sensitive scalp soothing is a perfect solution for natural, bleached, ombre, balayage hair or highlights. These organic blond hair color products feature ultra-violet pigment removes brassiness to boost white tones for dazzling blonde shades and achieve a subtle natural blonde hair look. Organic hair care products designed for blondes provide strong moisturizing effect, returns natural smoothness and gently cares for bleached blonde hair.

    Organic Shape Collection for magnificent hair shaping and ultimate scalp hydration offers organic hair products for curly hair care. Organic Shape Collection is suitable for all hair types, excellent for multicultural, dry, brittle, frizzy or coarse hair. Organic hair products suitable for natural black hair, shapes, smooths, and tames rebellious hair, hydrates to recover softness and transform uncontrollable hair into manageable and nourished hair.

    Total Protect Collection for everyday bio-protection and absolute scalp defense is created to fit all hair types. Best organic hair care products are recommended for stressed, weak, color treated hair, chemically or mechanically damaged hair. Organic hair color protect products are designed to create whole-day natural defending barrier against external stress factors. Keep hair healthy after heat styling with safe organic hair straightening products.

    Natural Lifting Collection for instant volume, scalp moisturization and long-term hair growth is excellent for rare, thin hair and all types of hair that need volume and energy. Organic hair growth products make the hair super voluminous and lifts them from the root, hair instantly feels thicker, bouncier and fuller.

    Coco Therapy Collection for complete hair reconstruction and intense scalp rejuvenation feature organic vegan hair products for dry, damaged hair and sensitive scalp.  Organic hair straightening products are formulated with the proper pH to restore almost any hair and prevent the hair shaft from swelling, minimizing hair follicles from further damage.  UNIQUE NATURAL COMPLEX of organic hair care products revitalizes scalp, reconstruct hair shaft and gives strands texture and thicker look.

    Sapphire Energy Collection for ProAge advanced hair strengthening and scalp revitalization offers best organic hair products for flyaway and tired hair, that needs nourishment and discipline.  Rich blend of botanical extracts of organic hair growth products helps to naturally increase hair strength while returning vitality and beautiful radiance to hair.

    Aura Oil Collection for hair-scalp luxury nourishment and organic well being includes organic hair care products for dry or damaged hair. Makes hair feel softer and smoother to the touch, improves hair shine and elasticity. Aura Oil Collection offers best organic hair products with organic avocado oil and other nutritious ingredients.

    Royal Detox Collection for deep scalp detoxification and beautiful hair glow is suitable for tired, flyaway and thinning hair. Best organic hair care products will effectively detox hair that were negatively influenced by the environment of big cities, as well as dandruff. It will rid your strands of all lingering products and refresh your scalp. Organic hair products will provide protection against environmental pollution and UVA/UVB rays.

    Explore T-LAB Professional organic hair products and find the ones that fit your personal hair type and needs. Start your healthy hair journey now and buy multicultural and organic hair care products online for the best price at

    T-LAB Professional is also proud of creating organic hair styling products suitable for various hair types and hairstyles.  Innovative Styling Collection offers a wide variety of safe organic hair straightening products, hair mousse, shaping creams and other solutions for harmless hair styling. You can buy organic hair styling products online here.

    Clean Beauty


    • Vegan

    • Multicultural

    • Unisex | Gender Neutral

    • Dermatologically tested

    • Kids-friendly & Pregnancy-friendly

    • Cruelty-free & Against Animal Testing

    • Therapeutic Inclusive Blend with antiinflamantory and antibacterial functions

    • Made with organic sustainable & fair-trade ingredients with high Nutrition Value

    • DIY – mix & match to create salon look at home

    • Refillable & Recyclable

    • Meaningful Aroma

    • Biodegradable packaging

    • Cosmopolitan origin

    Created by top-beauty Academy.

    Supporting bio-scientists worldwide.

    Approved by professional beauticians in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Treatment & Protection

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